Monday, February 20, 2012

DIY utilitarian (and fun) home art project #1

I've been wanting a pinboard for my room, kinda like they have in detective movies to connect clues, or in my case, to post memos and recent postcards, found objects, and other things that make my life less monotonous.

This is my non-digital answer to Pinterest, smartphone memos and other things that make life more technology dependent. None of those things are evil, but this is a little more fun and hands on, which is more engaging to my small brain.

It took a little prep time, but the payoff was immediate and I had my pinboard filled in no time. Here is my process in 5 easy steps.

1. Figure out where you want your pinboard. I decided it would work well on the dry erase board I had on my wall already.

2. Get a 4-pack of cork board measuring 1 square foot each. They come with adhesive pads to stick onto whatever smooth surface you choose. For me, it made sense to align them vertically.

3. Put the adhesive pads in the proper places.

4. Arrange the cork board in the fashion you want, and you are ready to put your memos/art/business cards/what-have-you in place!

5. Voila! You can fill and refill your pinboard to your heart's content.

I have more fun art projects I've been working on, and hopefully will be doing little blogs about them from time to time. Do you have an art project you've been wanting to do? I encourage you to make time and an effort to do it.

You won't regret it!