Thursday, September 3, 2009

John the Baptist strikes again.

There's this homeless fellow in Fairbanks who most people in town have had some kind of encounter with. He pushes shopping carts all over town with stuff inside, collected from the transfer sites (dumpster heaven for those living outside the city limits where the garbage trucks don't circulate) and other places around town. These rows and stacks of shopping carts almost look like modern art displays (and very well may be). The cherry on top is that he always speaks in a King James vocabulary that is hard to follow, giving him the nickname John the Baptist.

Here is an example of one such artful installation seen around town.

The legend I've heard is that he is actually a genius and used to be a professor at the university here in Fairbanks, but gave it up to live a simple life and serve the Lord. I am unsure, but I'm sure I could do some digging and get the straight story. For now I'm happy to sit back and just appreciate his art.

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