Friday, March 19, 2010

Nashville Skyline

Last week I embarked on my first trip to Nashville, Tennesee, which entailed:

2 sleepless, 7 hour Megabus trips from Minneapolis to Chicago (1 there and 1 back)
1 deck of cards completely destroyed during multiple games of Jackson Fives
1 25th birthday celebration
1 plate of brownies and a 6 pack of birthday root beer (thanks Andy!)
1 Kangaroo spotted in kentucky
2 trees climbed
3 staged amateur wrestling fights, complete with swearing 80-year old women, spandex, spikes and the arrest of 1 "wrestler"
$150+ spent in records and CDs
about the same amount spent in food
40 minutes spent trying to find a non-existent bathroom in Gary, Indiana
3 all-nighters, 2 Cracker Barrel visits, and one 3AM Waffle House visit
4 visitors from Atlanta
6 days packed to the gills with non-stop activity and no sleep
X number of new friends made (don't make me try and count)
1 cave explored
too many Danzig jokes

And I'd gladly do it again.

I'm looking forward to tour.

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